Diesel Truck Maintenance in Georgia

Oil Changes/ Lubricants

Regular oil changes for your diesel truck keep the engine healthy. Our technicians will drain the old oil, replace the filter, and fill it with new oil to vehicle specifications. We will also check and fill all the lubricants that keep your truck and trailer running at the highest level.

Coolant Flush and Fill

A coolant flush is an often overlooked diesel maintenance item but its just as important as an oil change. Good coolant system conditions means engine longevity. We will flush and clean your coolant system removing rust and scale deposits.

Fuel Inspection/ Cleaning

Boost your diesel truck’s performance with a fuel inspection and cleaning. Water and microorganisms can corrode fuel storage tanks over time. Katlaw Fleet Services will keep your fuel system performing well with a full fuel system inspection and cleaning. 

Brake Line/ Parts Adjustments

Experience optimal brake performance for your diesel vehicle with regular brake tune-ups. Brakes often deal with an extreme amount of stress. Our services will increase your brake’s performance and help you stay safe on the road. Fast service!